Trauma Service Associates 
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TSA premier service provider for...

•     Treatment of Emotional Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

•     Trauma Screening and Assessment of Psychological Injury

•     Surviving Workplace Trauma

•     Spiritual and Faith-Based Training for Religious Leaders and Congregations

•     Trauma Treatment Program for Chronically Traumatized Offenders

•     Self-Healing Essential Circles™ (Includes Spiritual and Faith-Based Healing Circles)

•     Trauma in Youth and Children

•     Telehealth and Other Technologies

•     Culturally and linguistically relevant training and treatment

  Dealing with these issues is both an individual and group challenge – but a      challenge that leaders from all areas of society have to address.

          Ask yourself a question: “Which of these areas affect me?”


•     Personal Trauma-Related Issues;

•     Trauma in the Workplace- conditions connected to your work environment;

•     Trauma in our Schools or with our Children;

•     Disillusionment with our Religious Institutions;

•     Disillusionment with our Financial Institutions;

TSA Will Provide The Answer:  All of Them!


•     You are a Victim of Physical or Verbal Abuse

•     You are a Front-Line Hero – a police officer, a fireman, a nurse, or a school teacher - who needs help but you don’t know how to ask for it.

•     You are suffering from anxiety, depression, or have contemplated suicide

•     You are Dealing With The Death of a parent, care-giver, or close friend

•     You have a child who is dealing with traumatic issues (i.e. bullying, low self-esteem)

•     You are a Religious Leader who seeks a trained, experienced, and caring clinician who understands that the creator works through all caregivers.

•     All the physical devices you’ve installed do not make your employees and managers feel safe

•     You are Living in a Neighborhood that you’ve seen become unsafe over the years – making you lock your doors, afraid to walk to the local market, and fear for your children while they play

•     You have a Human Resources Staff who are trained to give overview/warning briefings on stress management but are not equipped to identify or treat Trauma.

•     You are a Gatekeeper who advises, ministers, and counsels individuals on behavioral issues – but do not have the experience or trauma-specific education to treat.

•     You are Terrified by What You See on television, read in the newspaper, or discuss with co-workers.

Products, Training, Manuals  Available 

Surviving Work Place Trauma
Includes: Products - Training

Spiritual and Faith Based for Religious Leaders
and Congregation

Includes: Product - Training

Cultural Screening and Assessments
for Trauma victims and Survivors
Includes: Product

Spiritual and Faith Based for Religious Leaders
and Congregations

Includes: Product - Training

Trauma Treatment for Traumatized
Includes: Product - Training

Executive and Level Training Manual
Includes: Executive Training Manual 

Surviving Workplace Trauma l for
Employees and Participants.

Includes: Product – Training Manual

Self Healing Essential Circles
Self guided group plans and how to guides
Includes: Product 

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