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About Trauma Services Associates

Dr. Denyse Hicks-Ray


For over 25 years, Dr. Ray has been dedicated to improving the mental health of athletes, entertainers, high-stress individuals, and their families. A clinical and forensic psychologist with a specialized focus on cultural trauma. Dr. Ray has served with the 16th Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Ray is no stranger to the treatment of trauma. She is a retired first responder, who has assisted with the healing of this nation’s most traumatized citizens on the front lines of some of our worst national disasters (Columbine, Katrina, 911, Oklahoma City and others). 

Star Care


Star Care is a premier provider of holistic emotional wellness services. This expert team had developed the most effective methods, currently known to man, to eradicate the cycle of pain and emotions as they relate to illness. Individualized services are customized and scientifically delivered by a Dr. Hicks-Ray and her expert staff.


Our team is available for onsite crisis management or the client will be prescribed a 3, 5, 14 or 30 day residential recovery adding years to your career. 

Our Services


  • Keynote Speeches & Workshop Facilitation  
  • Podcast, Print & TV Interviews, 
  • School & Workplace Trauma Training,
  • Mental Health Legal Briefs,
  • Crisis Response Planning & Consulting, and 
  • Individual and Group Treatment Plans using BioScan Technology 

We are dedicated to improving the mental health of athletes, entertainers, high job stress individuals, and their families. 

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