Mental Health Care and Human Resources Training

healing stress, addiction, suicidal thoughts, depression, performance anxiety, and other mental health illnesses. 

Dr. Denyse Ray Keynote Speaker at NCAA event

About Trauma Services Associates

Dr. Denyse Hicks-Ray


Dr. Denyse Ray is a psychologist, coach, keynote speaker and mental health care trainer that speaks around the world about mental health awareness, treatment and surviving workplace trauma. Dr. Ray was invited to participate in the 2018 Global Citizen Festival Think Tank on December 2, 2018.  


Dr. Hicks-Ray and her expert team facilitates corporate mental health trainings and individual treatment plans for all mental health issues, especially trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and the importance of 

seeking help.  

Star Care


Star Care is a premier provider of holistic mental health care services. This expert team had developed the most effective methods, currently known to man, to eradicate  individuals dealing with identity, trauma, depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, addiction, opioid addiction, anxiety, and all other mental health challenges.
Individualized services are customized and scientifically delivered by Dr. Denyse Ray and her expert staff.


Our team is available for onsite crisis management or the client will be prescribed 1, 3, 5, 14 or 30 day residential healing protocol adding years to your professional career. 

Our Services


  • Keynote Speeches & Workshop Facilitation  
  • Podcast, Print, Radio & TV Interviews, 
  • School & Workplace Trauma Training,
  • Mental Health Legal Briefs,
  • Crisis Response Planning & Consulting, and 
  • Individual and Group Mental Health Care Treatment Plans using Biofeedback Resonance Technology